• "I have not been this excited about a product in YEARS. This is 100% LEGIT. The Most delicious, most beautiful, most interesting flavor you will ever taste."


  • "I love the chili powder."

    -Chef Ori Menashe, Bestia, Bavel, Saffy's LA

  • "Freaking Amazing."

    Andy K, Customer

  • "Super good! Well Balanced."

    -Chef Craig Thornton, Wolvesmouth

  • "I put it on noodles and it was absolutely DELICIOUS."

    -My Mom (who never gave me a compliment growing up)

  • "I'm going to bring this to all the steak restaurants from now on. I liked the chili but my husband liked the cumin version."

    -Laura Iz

  • "Holy Hell! This powder is awesome."

    -Aaron Choi, Girl & Dug Farm

  • "It's SO GOOD. Oxtail, crispy shallot, cilantro, peanut aioli, your mala spice is f*cking FIRE!"

    -Chef William Joo, Pizzeria Sei

  • This Chili powder is PHENOMENAL. I'm BLOWN AWAY

    -James P, Customer

Spicy, Fragrant, Delicious. Try now.

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